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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

(England and Wales) and the Air Weapons and Licensing Act 2015 (Scotland) was introduced,

all buyers of scrap metal, including mobile collectors, must ask you for photo identification.

Acceptable photo ID includes:

• UK/EU Driving Licence

• UK Passport

• EU (European Union) / European Economic Area (EEA) Passports

• UK Biometric Immigration Document

•EU National ID Card

• UK Firearm / Shotgun Licence

For payment, you will also need to bring a proof of address

in addition to your photo identification.

All forms of proof of address, including utility bills,

are valid for three months only from the date they were issued.

Acceptable proof of address includes:

• Bank or Building Society statement

• Credit or Debit Card statement

• Council Tax demand letter or statement

• Utility bill such as water, electricity or gas (not including mobile phone)

• Mortgage statement

• HMRC correspondence

• TV Licence

The easiest form of identification to bring is a UK driving licence,

as this will serve as both your photo identification and proof of address.

Why should I use Clancey’s?

- The scrap metal industry has suffered from unscrupulous traders for many years, yet as a family run business ,established over 160 years ago, and having an excellent reputation, we have always maintained high moral and ethical standards within all our business dealings.

Will you pay cash?

We are governed by strict legislation which means we cannot and will not pay cash for any scrap.. We have always adhered to the very highest ethical standards and we welcomed the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 2013, because it protects our industry which in turn protects you.

Any scrap dealer who offers to pay cash for your vehicle is breaking the law and should be avoided at all costs.

How do you Pay?

 - We pay by BACs or cheque.

What distance do you collect from?

 - We collect nationwide

Do you buy old cars and vans?

 - Yes, all models, all makes, and any age ( Remember to bring your documentation )

Is there a minimum amount for buying and selling?

-  No

Do you buy and sell Plastics for recycling?

- No just metals

What happens when I bring my scrap?

For larger loads, we weigh your vehicle with the scrap loaded upon entry on our fully calibrated weigh bridge. Your scrap is then tipped and we re-weigh your vehicle unladen.

The difference between the two weights allows us to calculate the actual market value of your scrap.

I only have a small amount of mixed metal scrap, it it worth bringing?

As an option small amounts can be donated to charity, which we will price match

( see our charity page).

Items are unloaded, sorted, and weighed on our accurate fully calibrated pallet scales, we will then give the best price we can.

Why do the prices you offer vary?

As a commodity, prices vary daily, and can fluctuate considerably from day to day, week by week and so on.

We will give the best possible price whilst offering an honest and genuine service, following all official legislation